Chicken on Thin Leather Bracelet
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Promotes: Protection, Good Fortune, Wisdom


Before they were so unceremoniously reduced to nuggets and wings, the chicken was considered a messenger of the gods, a link between Them and Us. The cock crows at dawn, that liminal hour when we come into consciousness again and was therefore seen as having knowledge of worlds unseen. The chicken’s crow signifies a clean start, a good morning call from heaven, and a way to dispel the dark, the day before, whatever haunts us. Wearing this charm can provide protection from the impinging past. The humble chicken is not a coward, but in fact absorbs and bears all fears. Consider that act of generosity the next time you casually snack on its parts dipped in honey mustard.

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Delicacies Chicken Bracelet

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"And believe me, a good piece of chicken can make anybody believe in the existence of God." - Sherman Alexie

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