Corn on Thin Leather Bracelet
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Promotes: Good Fortune, Prosperity, Fertility


Corn comes from the Americas, where it was deified and revered as the basis for life. Without one reliable grain to sustain a people there could be no civilization, no time for anything other than subsistence. Early Mesoamericans personified corn a gracious, glorious woman; she is the giver and the gift. And in fact the ancient Mayans believed that human beings were created from corn. When we wear the corn charm we are reminded to be filled with gratitude for our daily food, for the fertile earth, for this good life. Corn can be ground into tortillas, popped as a communal matinee snack, and distilled into potent liquor. For these delicious things we are eternally grateful.

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Delicacies Corn Bracelet

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"A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine." - Anne Bronte

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