Delicacies Parsley Bracelet


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Giving back is baked in. This purchase provides 25 meals to help feed the hungry.

Delicacies Parsley Bracelet


Promotes: Protection, Love, Purity, Remembrance

Parsley, herb of death. (Better than parsley, anemic dinner plate garnish.) The Greeks created parsley’s association with death, and passed it along to the Romans, who used the pretty plant in death rites. Not a negative thing at all, as death is, in and of itself, innocent. Victorians, on the other hand, ignored Classical thought and believed giving away parsley was akin to giving away love; and that one must steal it back to recapture good fortune, particularly luck in love. So the fate of fresh, pungent parsley is of love and death intertwined. Wear parsley as a token of innocence and love—one that aids us to act without cynicism, and helps us make the most of our short time on earth.


The foundation of the Delicacies bracelet is a feminine, faced-leather strap edged in robin’s egg blue. Our American leather is hand-finished in the Italian Alps and glazed to enhance its natural shine. With time the leather becomes supple and ages beautifully. Wear Delicacies as a single bracelet, or stack them to create a fashion feast for your wrist.

  • One size fits most (length adjusts from 6 1/4” to 7 3/4″)
  • Dimensions: 8 inches long, 5 mm wide
  • Available in four colors: Black, Brown, Natural and White
  • Bonded leather

Surprise! Each piece of Delicacies Jewelry comes “gift wrapped” in its own tiny mason jar, complete with an ingredient mythology card. (A special gift for yourself — or a loved one!)

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Bon appétit and thank you; every Delicacies purchase helps feed the hungry.

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