Salt Symbol Earrings, Sterling Silver


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Salt Symbol Earrings, Sterling Silver


Promotes: Protection, Good fortune, Wisdom, Renewal

Have you ever tossed a few grains of salt over your shoulder for luck? In cultures across the globe and throughout history, precious salt has been used to bring good fortune, purify the home, preserve food, and of course, enhance flavor. Still today, salt plays a vital role in our lives and is necessary for our survival. Wear this salt-inspired charm from The Salty Collection to show your love for this everyday essential. Salt promotes Protection, Good Fortune, Renewal & Wisdom


Salt has been essential to humankind since the beginning of our existence. In fact, our very own bodies are made up of salt. This simple, elegant and timeless pendant depicts the ancient symbol for salt used in alchemy, over 1,500 years ago.

They are cast in .925 sterling silver and rhodium-plated to discourage tarnishing

Earrings dimensions: 10 mm circle

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