“Smile” Chili Pepper Mask


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“Smile” Chili Pepper Mask

Chili pepper

Promotes: Protection, Health, Passion, Strength

Have you ever eaten a basket of spicy wings and felt ready to fight an army of Huns and/or frat boys? It’s the heat in the capsicum that causes the spitfire reaction. Indigenous to North America but celebrated the world over, chili peppers are considered a cure for the evil eye by some, and an offering to the Devil by others—cleansing and cursing, all at once. In pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, corn, squash, and beans were food staples, along with the chili pepper as the go-to condiment, spicing up the mundane. The chili pepper can change our perception and provide energy, both physical and psychic. Behold the humble, holy chili pepper: wear it as a charm of extreme power in small, pretty packaging.


Our Smile masks are an easy way for food lovers to always wear a smile. 🙂 We’ve created them with our most popular ingredients and iconic foods in mind.

This chili pepper mask has been handmade with three layers of fabric (with an extra compartment for a filter, if desired). The outer layer is gabardine cotton, and the two internal layers are lightweight, comfortable cotton. The masks are washable, with an elastic ear strap.

Disclaimer: This reusable non-medical face cover is not FDA-approved, and does not replace other CDC recommended preventive measures including hand washing, social distancing, or refraining from touching your face. Visit the CDC’s website for official guidelines and how to safely use far coverings.

Bon appétit and thank you; every Delicacies purchase helps feed the hungry.

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