“Spicy” Chili Pepper Necklace Set, Sterling Silver


Giving back is baked in. This purchase provides 40 meals to help feed the hungry.

“Spicy" Chili Pepper Necklace Set, Sterling Silver

Chili pepper

Promotes: Protection, Health, Passion, Strength

Have you ever eaten a basket of spicy wings and felt ready to fight an army of Huns and/or frat boys? It’s the heat in the capsicum that causes the spitfire reaction. Indigenous to North America but celebrated the world over, chili peppers are considered a cure for the evil eye by some, and an offering to the Devil by others—cleansing and cursing, all at once. In pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, corn, squash, and beans were food staples, along with the chili pepper as the go-to condiment, spicing up the mundane. The chili pepper can change our perception and provide energy, both physical and psychic. Behold the humble, holy chili pepper: wear it as a charm of extreme power in small, pretty packaging.


This Perfect Pairing is for people who really, really love spicy food. Do you carry your own bottle of Tabasco in your purse? Are you a 5/5 spice level at your favorite Thai restaurant? Do you often find yourself perspiring while eating? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you need this pairing.

Our sterling silvers necklaces are cast in .925 sterling silver and rhodium-plated to discourage tarnishing.

Each necklace comes with an adjustable 16 and 18-inch sterling silver cable chain, so you can layer them together!


Chili pepper pendant dimensions: 5mm x 15mm

Spicy pendant dimensions: 23mm x 10mm

Surprise! Each piece of Delicacies Jewelry comes “gift wrapped” in its own tiny mason jar, complete with an ingredient mythology and meals donated card!

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Bon appétit and thank you; every Delicacies purchase helps feed the hungry.

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