Product Care

Tarnished Silver

Our sterling ingredients and clasps are rhodium plated, so they shouldn’t tarnish. However, all sterling silver has the capacity to tarnish over time. The amount of tarnishing (oxidization) that occurs is dependent on the wearer.

A note on polishing cloths and silver cleaner

Polishing cloths can permanently smudge the strap; silver polish may alter its color. A blunted chopstick covered with part of a cloth is a neat and effective way to shine your charms.

Where leather meets silver

Your wise old aunt may have told you to simply clean your silver in a mild dishwasher soap solution. However! Because the charms are indivisible from the luscious leather straps we must caution against this method. Water and leather don’t mix. But you knew that already.

Keeping your leather beautiful

A soft, dry cloth is best for cleaning the leather strap. We do not endorse the use of any leather creams or conditioner at this time, though we continue to test the best that’s out there for you.

A hint from us to you? Regular pencil erasers are an easy and fairly effective way of “erasing” smudges from your leather strap.

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