'Evil Eye' Pie

We love pie; sweet or savory, family recipe or a fresh take, individual or sharable. No matter how you slice it, pie is always a comfort. Homier than cake and more rustic than cookies, pie is a true labor of love. Why pie? It represents our humanity: the personal, the communal, the everyday, the familial.

For over three thousand years, the evil eye has been represented in art and craftsmanship in cultures all over the world. The symbol, which in traditional Greek culture takes the shape of concentric light blue circles with a piercing dark pupil, is intended to repel a malevolent gaze (the evil eye curse) and offer protection to the wearer.

Wear our ‘evil eye’ pie as protection from forces that seek to harm you. We’ve modeled our version on the centuries’ old evil eye, but added a wavy pie crust perimeter and pie tin, encasing the wearer in a buttery, flaky field of protection, strength, and good baking vibes.

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