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Tasteful jewelry for food lovers

Necklaces, bracelets & earrings in
every delicious flavor

Meaningful jewelry for those who love to cook, eat, and celebrate life over shared meals. Every purchase donates to help fight hunger! 

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Our Top Jewelry Gifts

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Farfalle Necklaces

Our most popular pasta shape,
the farfalle noodle promotes creativity, happiness, renewal and passion.

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Dumpling Earrings

Wear them in matching or mismatched pairs, our earrings are small but pack a flavorful, stylish punch.

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Macaroni Bracelets

Clasp your favorite food around your wrist with our charmingly delicate bracelets. You can stack ‘em, too!

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These leftovers won’t go to waste, trust us. Look no further for meaningful food-inspired rings and cufflinks!

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Giving back is baked in.

We believe food is love. Every purchase fights hunger by donating at least 10% of profits to hunger organizations we work with. Providing nutritious, delicious food to those in need is how lives improve, one meal at a time.

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Our Collections

Popular the world over and beloved by chefs, home cooks and eaters alike, these iconic foods demand their own jewelry collections.

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Beloved the world over, dumplings are one of humanity’s greatest culinary inventions. Shop for your favorite dumpling here!

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Al Dente

Love pasta? Wear pasta! Share your obsession for noodles with our deliciously iconic Al Dente pasta collection.

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Evil Eye Pie

The Evil Eye Pie is the world’s first (and only!) 'evil eye’ for foodies.
It repels negative vibes in the
kitchen -- and in life!

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Sprinkles & Glaze

Whether you’re into sprinkles or glaze, sharing doughnuts embodies friendship and love. Doughnuts are always celebratory!

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Treat Yourself

Go ahead, splurge a little. You’re worth it! Even better? Buy something delicious for yourself and your BFF. (That’s ‘Best Foodie Friend,’ you heard us right!)

So many good times happen over a shared meal. The dinner table. The lunch counter. The coffee bar. The dumpling shop. The neighborhood burger joint. In every culture, throughout history, food brings us together and feeds our souls.

Buy a necklace that suits your taste — or choose two, one for yourself and one for your best foodie friend!

Celebrating your stories

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Cherries are my favorite fruit. Growing up we would strap gallon-sized milk jugs to our belts and go sour cherry picking. Mom would make her famous cherry pie from our hand-picked loot and share the pies with family and friends. Anyone who had the pleasure of tasting them knew they was special and savored every bite. 


I love pasta and wanted to incorporate it into my wedding. My bridesmaids (who I call my ’noodles’) made me a crown of dried pasta for my bachelorette party. I gifted them each a different pasta necklace. I wore the lasagna necklace, because my husband makes it for me every year on my birthday. Pasta is my love language.


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Jewelry by Ingredients

Find your center using food as a guide. Delicacies is about honoring and respecting whole, simple ingredients and recognizing a bit of ourselves in them. What’s your ingredient?

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Garlic Necklace

Keep away modern-day vampires (that suck the fun out of your life) with our garlic necklace. Garlic promotes health.

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Chicken/Egg Earring Set

It doesn't matter what came first, now you can wear them both! The chicken symbolizes luck, and the egg, renewal.

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Strawberry Necklace

This heart-shaped berry symbolizes innocence and young love. Strawberries also promote friendship and partnership.

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Chili Pepper Earrings

Behold the humble chili pepper: wear it as a charm of extreme power in small, pretty packaging. It promotes strength.

Jewelry by Iconic Food

Iconic foods like pasta, dumplings & doughnuts are eaten communally, among family and friends, providing comfort and creating memories. What is your favorite food memory?

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Pasta Obsessed Necklace

Is there anyone that doesn’t love pasta? Now you can celebrate
your love of noodles with our
Al Dente pasta pieces.

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Dumpling Earrings

Almost every culture has its own dumpling. Symbolizing comfort and prosperity, dumplings are a delicious, edible hug!

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Doughnut Necklace

Doughnuts are happiness: fried dough topped (or filled) with sweetness. Wear the feeling eating a doughnut brings.

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Butter makes everything better. Now you can accessorize with the sleekest, chic-est stick of butter
on the market.