Sterling Silver Elbow Pendant


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Promotes: Passion, Comfort, Happiness

A child threads an elbow noodle onto a string: it is the most primitive of jewelry and sweetest of gifts. When we hold the elbow noodle in our fingers, like a rosary or worry bead, we remember the simplicity of a child’s love. In Italy, this shape is often used in soups, in the United States the iconic “macaroni and cheese.” Both are rustic, comfort dishes served to children of all ages. If you are looking to regain innocence, to remember that simplicity is joy, this is the noodle for you. The elbow promotes passion, comfort, and happiness.


Inspired by Barilla and its passion for pasta, the Al Dente collection is lovingly fabricated by Delicacies Jewelry for people who love pasta. (And really, who doesn’t love pasta?)

Cast in .925 sterling silver, the elbow pendant measures approximately 5/8-inch long, with a 1/4-inch diameter. The pendant itself is hollow, and is meant to be strung directly on a chain. (Just like the elbow macaroni necklaces of your childhood!)

The pendant is sold two ways: as a necklace which includes one elbow strung directly on your choice of a classic 18 or 16-inch, 1 mm sterling silver curb chain; OR one chain with multiple elbows. You can buy as many elbows to add to your necklace as you’d like. Both the elbows and the chain are rhodium plated to discourage tarnishing.

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Bon appétit and thank you; every Delicacies purchase helps feed the hungry.