Ravioli Necklace, Sterling Silver

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Is there anything more comforting than ravioli? They are edible pillows, after all. Some say that raviolis were devised by Genovese sailors, as a pocket to hold leftovers on the high seas, while others content that it was created in the 14th century as a vegetarian dish, to make pasta more substantial when meat wasn’t allowed for the devout. Raviolis of today are filled with all sorts of cheeses, meats and vegetables — or as we like to say, “filled with love.” It is the perfect gift for the person you love.


A loving ode to everyone’s favorite filled pasta, Delicacies’ sterling silver ravioli necklace is cast in .925 sterling silver, brightly polished, and is rhodium-plated to discourage tarnishing. The pendant is a substantial piece that perfectly displays a true love of pasta.

The pendant measures almost 18 mm wide, and 18 mm tall. It comes attached to a classic 1 mm, 18″ sterling silver cable chain. (The chain is also rhodium-plated to discourage tarnishing.)

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Pendant dimensions: 18 mm square

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