Avocado (Two Ways) Earring Set

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Avocado (Two Ways) Earring Set


Promotes: Passion, Fertility, Love, Beauty

The avocado is indigenous to Mexico and was sacred to the Aztec people. The word is derived from the Nahuatl, and means, well, “testicle”. In the Yoruba tradition of West Africa the avocado is sacred to the trickster god of sex and intoxication. Have you ever been beneath an avocado tree as the heavy ripe fruit falls with a thud? This is a dense and buttery fruit, with a smooth and nut-like seed and earthy green flesh. It fairly exudes sex. Allow yourself to yield to pleasure, to our animal nature. Forget reason, abandon sobriety. Embrace your wild nature.


In this Perfect Pairing, you can wear your true love of the glorious avocado — one earring depicts the avocado’s textured skin, and the other its delicious interior!


Delicacies ingredient earrings are cast in .925 sterling silver, brightly polished and rhodium plated to discourage tarnishing.

Avocado earring dimensions: 10 mm x 6 mm

Bon appétit and thank you; every Delicacies purchase helps feed the hungry.

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