Sprinkles & Glaze Bypass Ring, Sterling Silver


Giving back is baked in. This purchase provides 20 meals to help feed the hungry.

Sprinkles & Glaze Bypass Ring, Sterling Silver


Promotes: Love, Comfort, Happiness, Renewal

Sharing doughnuts is an act of love. Like the rings we exchange in a marriage ceremony, the doughnut’s circular shape conjures the idea of devotion. A sweet and unbroken treat, doughnuts bring us together in coffee shops, offices, homes and schools. Doughnuts are celebratory—even if it’s Monday. Just as breaking bread connects us, sharing doughnuts increases the bond between two souls. Give more love; eat more doughnuts.


Delicacies’ Sprinkle & Glaze Collection celebrates the iconic doughnut. Playful and chic, our doughnuts are for people who have a sweet tooth and a sense of humor. Do you prefer sprinkles or glaze? If you can’t decide between them, this is the ring for you!

Cast in .925 sterling silver, our Sprinkles & Glaze bypass doughnut ring features two brightly polished and rhodium plated doughnuts: one glazed, one with sprinkles.

Doughnut charm dimensions: 10mm diameter circle, 3 mm thickness.

Size available: 7 (but custom sizes can be ordered).

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Bon appétit and thank you; every Delicacies purchase helps feed the hungry.

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