Grapes Earrings, Sterling Silver


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Grapes Earrings, Sterling Silver


Promotes: Renewal, Partnership, Passion, Happiness

Grapes have been cultivated since antiquity and their power to intoxicate has intrigued us ever since. For ancient Greeks and Romans wine incited ritual madness and sensual orgies—basically the very same overflowing of procreative energy seen every Saturday night the world over to this day. Grapes therefore symbolize passion, that critical aspect of the psyche that balances reason. Grapes are the fruit of soul without doubt or self-criticism. Wear the grapes to stay true to your heart—in vino veritas, so they say. Grapes also help us celebrate life and to remember laughter in our sorrows.


Delicacies’ delicious line of sterling silver stud earrings offers our clients another way to pay homage to the ingredients that inspire them, in the kitchen and in life.

Delicacies ingredient earrings are cast in .925 sterling silver, brightly polished and rhodium plated to discourage tarnishing.

Grapes earring dimensions: 8mm x 6mm

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