Pig Earrings, Sterling Silver


Giving back is baked in. This purchase provides 10 meals to help feed the hungry.

Pig Earrings, Sterling Silver


Promotes: Good fortune, Progress, Fertility, Creativity

The pig is sacred and the pig is profane. The pig is omnivorous and it is delicious. The pig divides us: many cultures celebrate it; some cultures abhor it. In the barnyard and in the wild the pig is a devourer, most often depicted as female, due to its chronic fertility. Because the pig roots forward with its nose down, never moving backwards, it symbolizes progress and prosperity. Wear this token to awaken buried creativity, that which rises from the deepest muddy recesses to lofty heights.


Delicacies’ delicious line of sterling silver stud earrings offers our clients another way to pay homage to the ingredients that inspire them, in the kitchen and in life.

Delicacies ingredient earrings are cast in .925 sterling silver, brightly polished and rhodium plated to discourage tarnishing.

Pig earring dimensions: 8mm x 14mm

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