Sprinkle Doughnut Necklace, Sterling Silver


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Cast in .925 sterling silver, our Sprinkles doughnut necklace is brightly polished and platinum plated to prevent tarnishing.

  • Giving back is baked in. This purchase provides 40 meals to help feed the hungry.
  • Every purchase helps feed the hungry - 988000 meals donated
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Love, Comfort, Happiness, Renewal

Sharing doughnuts is an act of love. Like the rings we exchange in a marriage ceremony, the doughnut's circular shape conjures the idea of devotion. A sweet and unbroken treat, doughnuts bring us together in coffee shops, offices, homes and schools. Doughnuts are celebratory-even if it's Monday. Just as breaking bread connects us, sharing doughnuts increases the bond between two souls. Give more love; eat more doughnuts.