Egg Necklace (3D), Sterling Silver


Giving back is baked in. This purchase provides 35 meals to help feed the hungry.

Chicken and Egg Necklace Set, Sterling Silver


Promotes: Fertility, Renewal, Health

From the cradle of civilization to the top of a croque madame, the egg is a potent symbol of renewal and the sacred feminine. In so many cultures, an egg signified the birth of our universe: the egg came first. It expresses the mathematical perfection of the oval and demonstrates a paradox through its fragile strength. Eggs are often considered nature’s most perfect food, enclosed in their very own brown, white or speckled packaging. Wear the egg as a reminder of limitless rebirth and a talisman of fertility and creativity. In order to make an omelet you have to crack an egg.


The Delicacies egg is handcrafted to be three dimensional. (It is round, like a tiny, perfect egg!)

Comes with an adjustable 16 to 18-inch, .925 sterling silver cable chain. The pendant and chain are rhodium-plated to discourage tarnishing.

Pendant dimensions: 8mm x 11mm

Surprise! Each piece of Delicacies Jewelry comes “gift wrapped” in its own tiny mason jar, complete with an ingredient mythology card. (A special gift for yourself — or a loved one!)

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