Octopus Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold + Diamond


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Octopus Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold + Diamond


Promotes: Wisdom, Health, Strength, Perseverance

What is the octopus if not the unknown? It resides in the depths; it is the monster that lurks on the edges of our psychic map. There are always warnings not to go too far afield, which (sometimes) must be heeded. But mostly those cautions are only our fears or the past attempting to control the future. So dive down deep and go in search of the tangled mass that is the octopus. It may be fearsome; it has tentacles and a beak. It looks large in our imagination but in reality is smaller than our nets. Wear the octopus to push you toward the fathoms that frighten you. Be confident that you will emerge from the wreck, not unscathed but stronger—with a good story to tell.


Please note: Chain not included. The add-on option is available on the next page.

This pendant is crafted in solid 14K gold.

Pendant dimensions: 15mm x 11mm
Number of diamonds: 1
Total Carat Weight: .01

Surprise! Each piece of Delicacies Jewelry comes “gift wrapped” in its own tiny mason jar, complete with an ingredient mythology card. (A special gift for yourself — or a loved one!)

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