Rosemary Necklace, Yellow Gold Plated


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Promotes: Remembrance, Love, Focus, Protection

Rosemary for remembrance. The immediate association is Hamlet’s Ophelia, but if we want to parse the Bard we could be here all year. She drowns. Wear the rosemary to remember simple truths, facts, dates, and names that seem to have slipped away. With its name meaning "dew of the sea," rosemary also personifies Venus, the Goddess of Love, who (opposite Ophelia) rose from the water. Rosemary was tied into brides' hair and carried in bouquets to symbolize faithfulness and love. Be singularly focused and fall in love all over again with a woodsy whiff of the rosemary talisman.


Our yellow gold plated pieces are cast in sterling silver and plated in 14K yellow gold. This necklace comes with an adjustable 16 to 18” yellow gold plated chain.

Pendant dimensions: 7mm x 16mm

Surprise! Each piece of Delicacies Jewelry comes “gift wrapped” in its own tiny mason jar, complete with an ingredient mythology card. (A special gift for yourself — or a loved one!)

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