Lasagna Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver


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Delicacies’ most substantial piece to date, our lasagna cuff is 1 1/2 inches tall and is solid sterling silver, weighing in at a bit over three ounces.

  • Giving back is baked in. This purchase provides 195 meals to help feed the hungry.
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Passion, Wisdom, Strength, Protection

You have layers. Your truth runs deep. You are built to withstand the weight that is distributed (sometimes evenly, sometimes not) over you. Lasagna looks thin, but is deceptively strong. This pasta is for those who are foundational to family and friends, a substantial base on which connections and relationships are built. Though you combine with what is above and meld into that which is below, you are the one holding it all together. The lasagna brings passion, wisdom, strength and protection.