Orecchiette Necklace, Sterling Silver


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Orecchiette Necklace, Sterling Silver


Promotes: Passion, Wisdom, Comfort

Wear orecchiette, the little ear, to listen closely to what the universe is whispering. There is music from the stars that reverberates in our ears; there is a voice inside each of us that tells us our soul’s desire. But there is so much noise around us that it is often difficult to hear these essential sounds. Wear this precious charm, a symbol of silence, if you want to quiet your mind, learn to speak less and listen more. Orecchiette promotes passion, wisdom, and comfort.


The Al Dente collection is lovingly fabricated by Delicacies Jewelry for people who love pasta. (And really, who doesn’t love pasta?) What is your spirit noodle?

Cast in .925 sterling silver, our version of pasta’s “little ear” measures almost 1/2″ diameter inches.

The pendant comes with an adjustable 16 to 18-inch, 1 mm sterling silver chain. The necklace is rhodium plated to discourage tarnishing.

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