Penne Rigate Necklace, 14K Yellow Gold


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Penne Rigate

Promotes: Passion, Focus, Creativity

If you are a lover of language, wear the penne rigate, the little pasta with deep cuts. This short, lined tube is named for the Italian word for “quills”, which gives this charm all the power of the written word. It is a reminder of what it means to be human, of the grace and fragility of our life experience, for we write to shape the world around us and to record its events. Penne rigate promotes passion, focus, and creativity.


The Al Dente collection is lovingly fabricated by Delicacies Jewelry for people who love pasta. (And really, who doesn’t love pasta?) What is your spirit noodle?

Cast in 14k yellow gold, the penne rigate pendant measures 1-inch wide and 1/5-inch tall.

The pendant comes attached to a classic 1 mm, 14k yellow gold cable chain that is adjustable to 16″ and 18″.

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