Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add charms to my bracelet? Can I add more than one ingredient?

Each leather bracelet is designed to display one charm, permanently affixed to the leather strap. Let your creativity run wild by stacking bracelets, thereby creating powerful and personal combinations of symbols or a recipe for your signature dish. Wear three Delicacies bracelets or two Thick Cuts on each wrist, as you see fit. Share photos to show us how you style your favorite ingredients. Stay connected to see the latest in product design.

I want an ingredient you don’t offer. Are you making more?

We’re unveiling the brand with approximately 20 delicious ingredients in each Delicacies and Thick Cuts and are busy fabricating more. We are constantly digging up new pieces of folklore and planting seeds of discovery. Fresh ingredients will be available seasonally, with juicy tidbits of whimsy and wisdom. We want your input in growing the line. If your ingredient isn’t available yet, tell us why it should be. Send us an email, a tweet, a Facebook message or Instagram photo to share your story.

I would love to wear a chocolate cake charm as a tribute to my grandmother, who baked one for every family occasion. Will you ever make those?

Delicacies honors whole ingredients and their sources. If your grandmother’s chocolate cake is a recipe dear to your heart (and we are big fans of both grandmothers and cake) consider stacking cacao (chocolate), egg, and wheat (flour). We’re baking up a storm in the Delicacies test kitchen, so while there may never be a cake charm, we are devising ways of creating exactly what you want to wear. Just tell us!

Where did you find the stories behind the ingredients?

All of the information weve compiled is taken from stories and myths told over the thousands of years of history we humans have had with food, the world over. Food is essential to us — obviously providing the energy we need to live, to think, to work, to create. But food is so much more than just a kcal, a simple measure of energy; over our history it has fed our myths, our stories, our cultures, our families, our celebrations and our rituals. Delicacies’ goal is to recognize and celebrate each simple, beautiful ingredient, in all of the ways it adds flavor to our lives. 

Wed like to especially recognize one of our favorite food-based mythology resources: “Nectar and Ambrosia: An Encyclopedia of Food in World Mythology”, by Tamra Andrews.

How do I care for the leather? Silver?

See here for care instructions.

Do you offer free shipping?

We make it our mission to offer shipping at the lowest cost possible for you. Free shipping on new products and during promotions is something we hope to do in the future. We’ll keep you posted.

Where can I buy your products?

Currently we offer our products online at and a few special designs can soon be found at

We are actively seeking retail partners and can’t wait to share new places to find Delicacies in your neighborhood.

Are the charms only available in sterling silver?

For now, yes. But very soon we will be presenting select ingredients in luxurious gold.

Do you only offer bracelets?

Stay tuned: we plan to offer a select variety of our ingredients in necklace pendants as well.

How is Andrew Zimmern involved?

Andrew is our “Chief Culinary Officer” and helps us identify our chef and charity partners. He also is a huge fan of our product, and in fact, we created the cricket just for him. (As you probably know, he is a big fan of bizarre foods.) John and Andrew have worked together since 2001, and he and his wife Rishia are longtime friends of Delicacies’ owners John and Nicolle.

What is the Chef’s Table?

Our charitable giving plan includes creating a Chefs Table of notable figures in the restaurant industry. We will rely on their knowledge and collaborate with them in an ongoing effort to ensure each ingredient you wear is connected to a hunger relief charity endorsed by food experts. We look forward to announcing Chefs Table participants soon.

How much do you donate to hunger relief charities?

For every bracelet purchased, we donate at least ten meals to the hunger relief organization with whom we are partnering. As our line grows, our intention is to grow our Giving Back program as well. Please check back to see who we are partnering with and how we are helping fight hunger.

What is your return policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll be happy to take your bracelet back within a month of your purchase. Just send it back to us, with the return portion of your original packing slip enclosed.

If an item is back-ordered or out of stock, how long before it will be back in stock?

Expect to receive a back-ordered item within 3-6 weeks of purchase.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, you can read our privacy policy here.