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Testimonials we love

“One of my earliest childhood memories is helping my Dad in his garden and snacking on all the cherry tomatoes when he wasn’t looking. My tomato pendant keeps these memories close to my heart.” -Melanie

“I bought the gold farfalle for my wife for our anniversary. My wife is a foodie with a big heart, so she’ll love the fact that her gift donates to hunger charities. I chose was farfalle because because it looks like a butterfly. Butterflies are a symbol of beauty, just as she is to me.” -Alex

“My daughter gave me a lobster bracelet because she knows my husband and I are lobster obsessed! Our love affair with lobster started in 1985 on our honeymoon, and has continued through the years up till now. My bracelet is a daily reminder of all the fun times my husband and I have had together over the years.” -Susan

“I bought my daughter the diamond farfalle as a graduation gift. After 9 years of school, she received her Doctorate in Nutrition Sciences! As she is Italian and a food lover, she is obsessed with farfalle. I bought it for her as a reminder of her commitment, sacrifice and accomplishment.” -Lisa

“I’m a mom of a 4-year-old who LOVES octopus, he always orders it off the menu! I was looking for a unique “mother” necklace that symbolizes my son, something different than his birthstone. When I saw your Octopus necklace, I knew it was perfect! -Jill

“I wanted to get something meaningful for my best friend’s birthday, as she got married last year and is struggling to get pregnant. I bought her the avocado necklace, which promotes love and fertility.” -Amanda

“Twenty years ago I proposed to my now-wife with a macaroni necklace as a substitute until we could find the ring. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in October and your macaroni necklace charm is perfect to signify the beginning of our love story.” -Jeff

“Olives, olive oil, and olive branches go back centuries in my Italian ancestry and also remind me of my childhood. I do not leave the house without my olive necklace on!” -Teresa

I LOVE my farfalle necklace! It’s a fun shape, plus it’s nice to have pasta close to my heart without being fattening!” -Delilah

“My uber-Italian great aunt used to make her own pastas. My rotini necklace reminds me of her, my childhood and happy family memories. I absolutely love the Al Dente collection!” -Nicole

“I chose the coffee bean as my ingredient because when you put it into hot water, it transforms the water into something new – and better! It’s a gentle reminder to myself that sometimes difficult situations can be transformative.” -Kellie

“My son’s girlfriend’s family owns a BBQ restaurant, and they make the best pulled pork. They met each other when we hired them to cater our party. We had to get her a pig necklace, it was the perfect sentimental gift!” -Lynn

“My family is of Italian ancestry and pasta is our comfort food. My sister is a foodie, loves to cook and loves bows, so how could I not order the farfalle as a gift for her?!” -Janice

“For the past 27 years my nicknames for my best friend have been pasta based, so when I saw your pasta collection I knew it would be the perfect Christmas present!” — Robin

“Growing up in Puerto Rico, garlic was everything. It’s one of the ingredients for our sofrito, which serves as the base for almost all of our dishes. My garlic bracelet comforts me, it reminds me of home and my childhood.” -John

“I gave the wheat to my best friend. Mostly because she loves bread more than anything, but also because she is the most generous and comforting person I know.” -Kate

“I have lived on a farm my entire life, and my dad raised pigs when we were young. About six years ago, my husband and I decided to start raising pigs ourselves. The pig charm is perfect for me.” – Jen

“I am a corn framer and the gift was for my wife, who I couldn’t live without. She is my right hand on the farm, and her 14K gold corn represents the crop she helps harvest and our life together.” – Liam

“As a chef and a garlic lover (I also have a garlic tattoo!), I think of garlic as one of the most important flavors. Garlic is also healing, and when my partner left me, I was in need of healing energy. I wear my garlic bracelet every day to remind myself to take the time I need to heal.” -Rick

“I wasn’t looking for a necklace, but as soon as I read the octopus’ mythos, I knew I had to have it! I’m going through a difficult divorce right now, and the octopus reminds me of persistence, wisdom and strength through this trying process.” -Sarah

“After losing my husband, the crab mythology really struck a nerve, as I am trying to transition and navigate life after his passing. My husband and I were foodies, and we both grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, so the crab was always a big part of our food life.”  -Natalie

“The gentle reminders these bracelets invoke carry us through times we think we cannot bear. I just lost my first-born grandson this summer. The weekend of his funeral my daughter gave me the onion bracelet. For me it is a reminder that ‘life is like an onion and sometimes you cry.’ It also reminds me that we peel off one layer of onion at a time, and that life will get easier with each layer.” – Alex

“I wear the wheat pendant to remind me of my grandmother who just passed away this past February. She and I used to make Norwegian lefse and krumkake together every Christmas, and the wheat reminds me of all the happy times we had baking together.” -Kari

“My father-in-law would plant more than 50 tomato plants every year, and even won some competitions from our local newspaper for them. He passed away yesterday, and I’m buying the tomato pendant for my wife as a daily reminder of her father.” -Andrew